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Lorne was born in Brooklyn, New York. After 27 years in the city he moved to Washington DC and then joined the recruiting profession. Lorne has a passion for getting people into the right jobs and his vision for the world is one where there is virtually no unemployment.

Since 2016 Lorne has hosted and produced The Lorne Epstein Show which airs on 96.7 FM every Monday at 10am. He invites thoughtful guests to his show to share informative and relevant stories about the workplace. The goal of his team is to inform you, the listener on how you can make great things happen in your workplace.

Lorne is having the best time interviewing experts like Dan Pink on his new book When and talking to experts on Pot in the Workplace. He loves to have a seat at the feet of experts who are teaching him and his audience how to have the workplace work for everyone.

Here are some of his favorite shows.

Dan Pink on Timing
How to Get a Security Clearance
Diversity in the Workplace
Workplace Unconscious Bias
Adventure Jobs

Lorne is the author of You’re Hired Interview Skills to Get the Job, a how to guide for what to do before, during, and after the job interview to get hired. His book has been downloaded over 500,000 times worldwide.

Lorne leads workshops around the country on job interview skills, unconscious bias, and the workplace. He has been quoted in national news outlets such as Cosmopolitan and Forbes.  Lorne and his wife Alicia live in Arlington Virginia where he loves to prepare vegan desserts and run through the streets of Washington. You can reach Lorne here.

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Afotey Odai

Afotey Odai is the shows audio engineer and brings a passion for quality sound and a drive for excellence. A native of Atlanta Georgia, he learned the art or music production and audio engineering whilst studying Management Information Systems at the University of Georgia. Upon completing his degree he moved to Washington DC to pursue his passion for music.

Afotey has worked on a number of creative projects for film and music and he continues to hone his craft and follow his passion for quality audio productions. As a volunteer at Arlington Independent Media, he has worked on a variety of projects and created music with local DC artists.

Andi Cale

Andi Cale is a show producer and joined The Lorne Epstein Show in the spring of 2018. She leads social media and  communications for the show and adds a level of competency around the shows outreach to listeners, guests, sponsors, and partners.

She is always finding new ways to champion the show’s content to the HR and business world. Andi has worked with leaders in human resources, business authors, legendary speakers, and world class thought leaders to build communities that impact the future of work.

When she’s not working, Andi goes on adventures with her nieces and nephews, perfects her enchilada recipe, listens to other podcasts (how dare she!), keeps in touch with her state and federal representatives on issues important to her, and takes way too many pictures.

Follow Andi on Twitter @AndiCale and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Lorne discusses critical issues on jobs and careers that enlighten and inform people with the goal of helping more people have great work lives. The Lorne Epstein show is broadcast from the studios of WERA 96.7 FM in Arlington Virginia and reaches over 750,000 DC residents.

As a thought leader on jobs and employment, Lorne is sought out for speaking engagements, quotes and thought leadership. His book, You’re Hired: Interview Skills to Get the Job, has been sold and downloaded over a 500,000 times.

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