The Lorne Epstein Show

Workers Cooperatives – EP 60

How would you like to work at a company that is values-driven and puts workers and community benefits at the core of their purpose?

On today’s show, worker cooperative experts Michael Alden Peck and Vernon Oakes explain what a cooperative is and how you can have one.

Michael is the co-founder and executive director of one worker one vote, an economic development non-profit focusing on expanding widespread and deepened worker ownership through Mondragon cooperative worker principles. Michael also serves as Mondragon’s North America delegate and as a corporate advisory board member of the BlueGreen Alliance.

Vernon is the host of Everything Co-op radio show that airs Thursday mornings on WOL. He learned about cooperatives by managing housing cooperatives in his property management business. He loves the cooperative business model for teaching people how to start a business to produce quality products and create a surplus they can use to increase their financial wealth.


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