The Lorne Epstein Show came into being in 2016 in Arlington,  Virginia when Lorne was invited to host a radio show on 96.7 FM. His goal was to share stories on how people can make their workplaces better.


Since its inception, Lorne has interviewed amazing people like Bob Geldof, Dan Pink, Celine Cousteau, Ally Coll, and Johnny Taylor.


Our listeners design and build workplaces that work for everyone using the ideas our guests have shared. Topics have included benefit corporations, worker cooperatives, sexual harassment policies, and salary privacy.

We value stories about people and organizations that are creating workplaces and economies that support human life and nurture just, abundant and equitable economies for everyone. 

Lorne Epstein

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Lorne grew up in Brooklyn and moved to DC in 1992. He discovered his superpower is working with people to discover the work they are passionate about. His vision is that we live in a world where all people are given the opportunity to use their full potential through their work.

The goal of the show is to inform the listener about how they can create a joyful and productive work life

Lorne authored You’re Hired! Interview Skills to Get the Job, a step-by-step guide on what you do before, during, and after the job interview to get hired. His book has been downloaded over half a million times worldwide.

Lorne leads workshops on job interview skills and conscious bias and also delivers keynotes about the workplace. He has been quoted in national news outlets such as Cosmopolitan and Forbes.  Lorne and his rock star wife Alicia live in Arlington, Virginia where he loves preparing vegan desserts, running, get in 6:00 am workouts and caring for his basil plant named Ella. Contact Lorne to book him for speaking engagements or workshops.

Afotey Odai

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Afotey Odai is the show's audio engineer. He brings to The Lorne Epstein Show a passion for quality sound and a drive for excellence. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, he learned art and music production and audio engineering during his studies in Management Information Systems at the University of Georgia. Upon completing his degree, he moved to Washington, DC, to pursue his passion for music.


Afotey has worked on a number of creative projects in film and music. He continues to perfect his craft and follow his passion for creating quality audio productions. As a volunteer at Arlington Independent Media, he has worked on a variety of projects and creates music with local DC artists.

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