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Brand Your Speakers as Thought Leaders

The Lorne Epstein Show is a media solution that provides your sponsors with a new channel to reach prospects and generate revenue.

Our Conference Partners

Shared Values

If you are working towards creating workplaces that advance human life and equitable economies for everyone, share your values. Lorne is committed to using this platform to make the workplace better for everyone.


The Lorne Epstein Show inspires people to design and build workplaces that work for everyone.

How does this work?

  1. Lorne interviews speakers and keynotes before, during or after your conference. 

  2. Interviews are turned into podcasts.

  3. Advertisements for your event are added to each show.

  4. We partner with you to attract sponsors. 

  5. Your team emails and shares these shows. 

Why Podcasting?

  • Podcast Listeners have grown by 465% since 2006

  • Podcast Adverting Dollars have increased by 957% since 2015

          Source - Nielsen 2018 Podcast Study Results

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