Lorne Epstien will be delivering 4.5 hours of experiential learning to help you mitigate unconscious bias in your organization and your own thinking.


Exploring Conscious Bias. The 90-minute intermediate workshop designed to bring your awareness to your biases to mitigate them when they are their strongest.  


Applied Conscious Bias. The 90-minute advanced workshop will focus on developing policies and practices to mitigate bias in your daily work and give you improved operational plans for your office. You will:

  • Uncover specific use cases to see where bias has harmed the business.
  • Train on tools to mitigate bias.
  • Form small groups within each cohort to develop and document ways to mitigate bias in their work.
  • Share ideas with the larger cohort for feedback and socialization.
  • Present your “improved” version for feedback.


Mitigating Bias Behavioral Interviewing. 90-minute intermediate behavioral Interviewing workshop that takes what you learned in previous workshops and applies them to interview skills. 

  • Goals: Create a repeatable and unbiased process to interview candidates and people who are part of the investment process.
  • Discuss how bias and other factors can have a negative impact on interviewing.



First Class - Saturday May 23th at 12:15 pm EST

Second Class - Saturday June 6th at 12:15 pm EST

Third Class - Saturday June 13th at 12:15 pm EST


Workshops will be delivered via Zoom.


4.5 Hours of Bias Training - Saturday

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