Today on my show we hear adventure stories from FBI Chief Explosives Scientist Kirk Yeager, Adventurer Robert Williscroft, and Private Investigator Alison Caine as they share what it took for them to have these excited jobs and a few stories from the trenches.

Robert is a retired submariner, scientist, and adventurer. He spent time underwater, at the equatorial Pacific, and a year at the Geographic South Pole conducting atmospheric research and he holds a PhD.

Kirk has been with the FBI for 16 years. Currently he is their Chief Explosives Scientist. Kirk has a fondness for things that go boom, chemistry and engineering. Also he is considering becoming a super hero in his spare time.

Alison has worked for the last 28 years as a legal investigator or as we like to say, a private detective. She does research into complex civil and criminal defense litigation on many issues such as child abduction, and sex traffic.

Podcast Hosted by Lore Epstein

Audio Engineering by Afotey Odai

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