Today we continue our conversation about B-Corp and Benefit Corporation with experts Rick Alexander and Ben Garthwaite. We will touch on the differences between operating a typical corporation and B-Corp certified corporation. We will also explain what it takes to start a Benefit Corporation.

Rick Alexander has practiced law for 26 years at Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell and has been a managing partner for the last four. In 2015, he became the Head of Legal Policy at B Lab, where he is currently working as a Fellow, creating a framework to support responsible corporate ownership. Rick prepared the initial drafts of both the Delaware and the ABA model benefit corporation legislation, and is author of the first comprehensive book on benefit corporations, published in 2018. @Rick__Alexander

Ben Garthwaite is a Senior Vice President and Co-Founder of Fors Marsh Group. Fors Marsh Group is a research-first company that understands influence and measuring the way people and organizations think to make choices. The company is an Inc. 5000 Hall of Fame awardee and an American Marketing Association Gold Top 50 firm. They are also a certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation.

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